OpenGlobal is a wiki space that is forming out of a course called "Open Pedagogy: a new paradigm for teaching and learning". This online course, running from September 9th 2009 - April 20th, is part of the U-M Flint Technology in Education: Global Program and is a two semester course offered for credit to students enrolled in the U-M Global Program. It is also open for anyone outside to review and contribute to. While the course blog serves as our main forum for collaboration around the themes we discuss each week, this wiki is our space to archive and update our collective knowledge and understanding around the various themes. Here you will find readings and other resources that relate to the intersection of education, technology, and an emerging ‘open’ pedagogy. It will evolve to include a variety of other interesting articles as well as student creates materials - especially as we focus on applying what we have discussed in the second half of the year. To get started, look at the Themes and Related Resources page

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